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Find a Way to Celebrate the Youth!

As Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D. wrote in her article, titled, Youth Programs, What Makes Them Effective, a good youth program can make a difference for teens and tweens in a community. We are fortunate to have such a program in our community. The CFW Foundation had the pleasure of hosting the Ferguson Youth Initiative for their December Youth Advisory Board meeting. It was a delightful event with young people taking care of the business of the day, then gathering to share excellent food provided by their wonderful director, Mr. Aaron Harris. The students learned about the foundation and its "Faith in our Future" focus which includes supporting their efforts. Many stayed after the meeting and played chess, and video games, as well as engaged in great fellowship with one another.

I was fortunate to represent the foundation in attending their Black History S.L.A.M. on February 10. This too was a transformative experience. Young people shared their talents of voice, dance, and poetry as they accepted the role of history makers! It was a joy to witness them in this safe space where they encouraged each other and felt accepted and valued by the adult advisors. It is evident this program is what our community needs.

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