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When Cora was raped, she suffered greatly for many of the same reasons as most sexual assault victims. Much of the suffering was due to her feeling unsupported by others. Her family and friends were there for her, but they often struggled with not wanting to be the source that caused a "trigger" in her reliving that awful experience.

Her decision to try and move on with her life was a brave decision that we, who love her, are so proud of. Nevertheless, failure to express all of the emotions associated with such a violent act is bound to take its toll on the survivor. Cora knew the value of telling her story and challenged herself to WRITE as a way to heal. The screenshot attached to this blog is Cora's handwriting. She felt so strongly that if she could write her story, her healing might begin.

The Cora Faith Walker Foundation would like to encourage survivors to begin the healing process by writing. HEAL, WRITE, NOW!! Using this link, we hope others will find the courage to share their stories. As difficult as this might be, there is power in our stories. Whether you choose to share your name or not, the value of others realizing they are not alone on this journey is priceless.

Please know that your written contribution to the Heal, Write, Now effort will be used to begin an ongoing conversation about rape, sexual assault, and the culture that has made it very difficult for survivors to heal. The submissions will be published on the Cora Faith Walker Foundation website.

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